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Can you see two owlets?

Can you see two owlets?

Notice what the owls have lined their next box with—hundreds of owl pellets!  Whenever an owl eats a mouse, they will eat the entire animal including the bones and fur.  Their stomach will grind and compress all the bones and fur and the following day the owl will cough it up in the form of a pellet.  [Picture courtesy of Brandon Moyer]


At least three new barn owls have been hatched right on their exhibit according to Tal, the naturalist of the Eastern Woodlands.  That brings our grand total of barn owls to 13!  We won’t keep all of them, but ZooAmerica will share with other zoos.  So far, one adult owl will go to the Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut, two adults to Northwest Trek Zoo in Washington and one more to the Audubon Western Conservancy.

As soon as one of the babies is 5-8 weeks old, the education department at ZooAmerica will take him.  After that period, the owlet will no longer need to be fed every three hours by his mother, but can eat whole mice on his own.  Each day the young owl might eat 4 or 5 whole mice!  Then the education department will raise him so that he is used to being around people and can be easily trained.