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Today was a busy day at the zoo- if you couldn’t visit this weekend, here are a few things you missed!

Baby prairie dogs have been popping up from many different holes.  So far, the head count is 12 new babies.  Considering how many holes there are in the exhibit, it’s very difficult to get an accurate count sometimes.  Zookeepers walking by the exhibit try to count each day, and then we compare numbers.  It’s not the most scientific way of keeping track of the animals, but it allows them to interact and live as if they were a wild colony.  It’s a good thing the exhibit is so large since most families spend some extra time watching them play.

Today was a very warm afternoon, and often in the hot weather, animals retreat to shady areas to stay cool.  The zoo tries to provide different viewing areas for many of the exhibits, in hopes that you get a good look at each one.  Today, at one particular exhibit, at first glance, it looked empty.  Can you find the animal laying down in the next picture?


If you could not find the animal, look for gray fur and a darker ear, lying down in the grasses.  That’s Sioux, one of our female wolves.  Just a minute later, she perked her head up for the next picture.  That’s why it’s always a good idea to stick around at the exhibits for more than just a minute!

In the Southern Swamps building, people kept trying to figure out if the crocodile was real.  She was sitting right up against the glass, with her mouth gaping open.  Upon closer examination, guests would discover that you could see her breathing if you looked under her throat. 

The eagle was out in the middle of the exhibit, as usual- but who can pass up a picture of our nation’s symbol?


Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend!