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It just snowed, schools have been closed for the day- now, what should you do with the kids? Well, why not take them to the zoo for a snow day!  The staff at ZooAmerica works hard to get the zoo open each day. We come in early and grab shovels, snow blowers, and ice melt.  Everyone gets to work clearing off all of the paths so you can view the animals.  Our maintenance men, Marino and Rich, do the bulk of the work; without them, we wouldn’t get open.  Sometimes Mother Nature forces us to close for the day or get a later start, but most snow days are great zoo days!  Patrick took lots of pictures out in the zoo, so even if you were cozy in bed, here’s what the animals were up to…

 The otters use their pool no matter what; their thick layers of fur keep them insulated.

A yawn before beginning lots of play in the snow.

Woody, the lynx, is built for this type of weather. Check out his big paws when you come into the zoo- he doesn’t need any snowshoes.

While the snow makes most of the animals easier to see, it does make it a challenge at times to find our residents who normally live in this type of environment.  The snowy owls are built for this time of year and do very well outside.  It can be especially difficult to find our male snowy owl, Hoover, because he is almost pure white, while the female has black spots all over her body. 


The zoo is often quiet this time of year and the animals are out and visible.  Be sure to stop by and enjoy the beauty and peaceful atmosphere of ZooAmerica.