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ZooAmerica’s newest species has been in quarantine since May 26 and they are about to head into their new exhibit next week.  We will not reveal what the new species is until July 2 or 3, but here’s a bit of background on them.  These two brothers have arrived from the San Francisco Zoological Society and are both 1 year old.  They are a very secretive species- rarely seen in the wild.  There is a small population living in southern Texas, but most live in the rainforests of South America.  They are extremely endangered and there is currently a US Recovery Plan to help them make a comeback.  ZooAmerica hopes to aid in relocation efforts of this species into the wild with the help of zoo guests.  These animals will assist us in teaching the public about their important role in the ecosystem.  These beautiful creatures pack a pungent odor- it’s been said they smell so strongly so the rains of their habitat won’t wash away their scent.

If you have visited ZooAmerica recently, you would have noticed an area under construction in the Great Southwest building.  Rock ledges and steps, along with a waterfall cascading into three small pools has been created just for these special animals.  They will occupy the largest area in the nocturnal wing since they will be the largest animal in the Great Southwest building.  These two boys eat more in one night than all the other animals in the building!

We are eagerly awaiting the exhibit opening next week- we hope you can make it!