The baby prairie dogs have finally emerged from their underground nurseries and are up playing in the bright sun!  So far 7-10 have been spotted, and as the days and weeks go by, the number is sure to increase!  You can normally tell which groups of babies are which from size differences and what holes they stick around.  Right now there’s at least 2 different groups of young ones including some really tiny ones just seen today. 

The female roadrunner laid her second clutch of eggs for the end of spring season.  She and the male broke the first two eggs again, but the third egg is showing some promise.  The male has been hard at work on the nest, and the female laid the egg in the nest- step #1!  She’s also been sitting on the egg a lot and the male is also taking turns.  Today I threw in some crickets in the afternoon and the male ran over and got one.  He carried it in his beak up into the nest to give to the female.  There are lots of good signs so far, but there’s still a long way to go to see if they will be first time parents this year.  Other zoological facilites that breed roadrunners informed us that the first year of egg laying isn’t always successful.  Often if the parents don’t break the eggs and the chicks actually hatch out, there could be problems with how the parents take care of the baby.  We’ll continue to keep a close eye on the parents and the egg.  If the egg hatches and the baby is successfully raised, it will be leaving the parents when it’s old enough to join the education dept.  Then, even more people will be able to get a closer look and more education about these fast and interesting birds.