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One of ZooAmerica’s most endangered species is the thick-billed parrot.  We’ve had a breeding program here for them for a long time, but the last time we had babies was over 6 years ago.  This morning, I saw one of our pairs, “Sunny and Share,” mating, which I have never witnessed before.  Sunny and Share were paired together by the Thick-Billed Parrot Species Suvival Plan, because genetically, they are a perfect pair.  They’ve been at our zoo for 6 years without breeding ever witnessed between them.  It still does not guarantee that we will have chicks this year, but it definitely increases our chances! 

They are a bit early- typical nesting season for these parrots is late summer into early fall.  We’ll keep you updated if eggs appear, so keep your fingers crossed!

And for those of you wondering about whatever happened to those roadrunner eggs…unfortunately, the parents broke the eggs.  Sometimes when roadrunners are first time parents, they have a tendency to do that.  There was one egg left unbroken, but they never sat on it regularly, so it never hatched.  They may have one more clutch of eggs this spring, so we will let them try again!  If they have 3 eggs, we may take 2 and incubate them, and let them incubate one on their own.  It’s always best to let the roadrunners try to raise them- hopefully they’ll get it right next time.