We found a roadrunner egg laying in the garden this morning.  Unfortunately, she did not lay it in her nest so we moved it for her!  They had begun to work on their nest- there were some feathers and pine needles in it.  After putting her one egg in the nest, I surrounded it with small twigs, feathers, snakeskins, and grasses.  The female roadrunner then promptly went over to the nest and began to rearrange it to her liking.  Out flew branches and then she moved some of the feathers and grasses.  Then the male came over and also began to help reorganize the nest.  She sat down on her egg and the male stood guard on the tree. 

I visited later to find that the male was chasing the quail away from their nesting site and then jumping and pulling twigs off a shrub near the nest.  Now that the first egg has been laid, the female or male should constantly be incubating the eggs.  Every two days, the female could lay one more until there are 3-6 eggs.  We will keep an eye on them and keep you updated!