As we have been hit by the first winter storm of the year, the zoo closed today because of the snowy and potentially dangerous conditions.  We are still here, though, since the animals still need to eat!  The days when the paths are filled with guests watching and enjoying the animals are always wonderful, but days like today are also a treat. 

At 7:30am, Ann (another keeper) and I took a walk through the falling snow to check out all the animals.  The fresh snow was beautiful on the trees and the animals!  I snapped a few pictures with my phone to share here, sorry the quality isn’t as great. 

The deer and the bison were perfectly content in the snow, standing and watching us with snow covered fur.  The male snowy owl (Hoover) was hard to find at first since he perfectly matched the ground.  We watched as he and the female began to run along the ground.  We don’t often see many interactions between the two snowy owls, so we had to stop and watch for awhile!  There was some head bobbing and raising of their wings toward each other before Hoover ran away from her.  (We are crossing our fingers for baby snowy owls in the future!)

The peregrine falcon was shaking the snow from her feathers and the wolves were jumping around.  All of the animals are so well equipped for this weather– they’re lucky they don’t have to spend 15 minutes getting bundled up before heading out to play!

As our walk was ending and we headed our separate ways to go begin feeding the animals, we saw the bison galloping together.  Now it’s time to turn the Christmas music up and start taking care of the animals on this snowy, yet beautiful day!