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6 new bats have been added to our vampire bat colony in the Great Southwest Building, bringing our grand total to 15 bats!  With the additions, there has been a lot more activity in the exhibit.  Bats can be seen in a large clump roosting at the top of the exhibit, flying around, and hopping from bowl to bowl of blood.  These bats are very social and spend much of their days grooming each other and interacting with one another.  There are now three small bowls of cow’s blood in the exhibit each day for them to feed out of.  There are many shallow bowls so that baby bats do not fall and drown in the blood as they are growing up.  More bowls also allow for everyone to eat at once.  If there was just one bowl of blood, the dominant bat might not allow everyone to feed until he is all done.

Be sure to stop by and check out all the new activity going on in the Great Southwest Building!