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Flashlight beams are the first thing to catch your eye as you walk into the darkness of the zoo for Creatures of the Night.  There are three weekends a year that allow the public to come in at night and check out the animals at their most active times.  All kinds of new attractions have been added this year as the zoo staff gets creative with featuring the night life of North America.

The biggest addition can be seen from above the zoo.  The Kissing Tower is really the best place to head to check this sight out.  1000 feet of glowing orange lights make up a re-creation of a spider.  Over 2000 years ago, a civilization etched images of spiders on the Nazca plains.  No one truly knows why it was done, which just adds to the mystery!  Any day you come to the zoo, you can see the large spider etched into the open field next to the prairie dogs.  Tonight, we are excited to see it all lit up and glowing from afar!

Many of our animals are now working on their painting skills which can be watched in our new education room every evening of Creatures.  Our skunk (Chanel) and hog-nosed snake (Mingo) are our most accomplished painters.  And if you really enjoy watching them tramp through the paint and paper, you can take some of the paintings home with you!  There are now paintings with a picture and biography of our little artists available in the gift shop.

Another addition is the display of fluorescent minerals in the bear den.  In the Great Southwest building we have added an all venomous table.  There we feature the only two venomous lizards in the world: a close-up look at the gila monster and the Mexican beaded lizard.  We also display a scorpion glowing under a blacklight.

The bone table has been updated with a wide variety of animal bones, some which have come from some animals that have passed away at the zoo.  It is their own way of continuing to educate people even once they have gone.

Guests are also able to touch a reptile-most typically a snake and an alligator each night, head over to the wolf talks to warm up next to the fire, learn about and get close to some animals during the animal program: Truth or Tail, and watch the skunks romp around in the leaves in the bear den.  The kids (and adults) can help to light up the creek by decorating a paper bag to create a luminary.  And check out the Scatty Shack for things that go plop in the night!

Creatures of the Night is one of our favorite events each year, come by and check out our last weekend!