Upstairs in our quarantine facility we currently have a baby striped skunk and two baby oppossums.  The skunk will be going to live with our spotted skunk on exhibit in the Great Southwest building.  The two oppossums will be heading to our education department to spend their time visiting children all over the area. 

Right now we are working with our skunk and the oppossums to get them used to us so they can be easily handled.  That way, training will go smoother once the animals have already built a relationship with us.  With the skunk, we sit with her, feed her and hold her, getting her used to her hands and feet being touched.  Once she is used to all of this, she will be ready for nail clippings and regular baths since we all know how stinky skunks can be!  Luckily this skunk has been descented, which means her scent glands were removed.  Even without the scent glands, she still emits a strong musky smell.

Look for pictures coming this week of our three new friends!