ZooAmerica has welcomed another new animal this month:  A one-year old female bald eagle.  She is currently residing in our first-ever Bald Eagle exhibit.  As a juvenile, she does not yet have all of her white feathers.  By the time she is about 5 years old, she will have the full white head and tail.  For now, she has some white feathers, but is mostly brown. 

The eagle's white feathers are coming in

This massive bird can be found next to the Timber Treats patio where she likes to perch high in the trees.  I have already heard her squawking on several occasions as I walk by.  We’re still discovering all of the quirks in her personality!  While she stays here at the zoo, she will be on a diet primarily of large rodents and fresh fish.

She was unfortunately injured in the wild, and can no longer fly well enough to survive.  Therefore, the federal government was able to transfer her from the local rehabilitator to us.  After being examined by our veterinary staff and the local rehabilitator, they determined that the end joint in her wing had been burnt by an electrical shock.  The shock most likely came from an electrical wire.  She was originally found walking on the ground in Juniata County, PA. 

Our new eagle