We recently added Texas Banded Geckos to the Great Southwest Building.  They are still young and quite small, but will eventually reach about 4 inches in length.  Right now, they only need a small aquarium to suit their needs and each day they munch on crickets, mealworms or waxworms.  With their translucent and silky skin, they appear to be amphibians but are actually lizards.  The people of New Mexico and Texas will often refer to them as the ghosts of the southwest because that’s what they look like in car light reflections at night.

Both geckos on exhibit

Gecko next to the rock

We also moved our Great Plains Toad, Jaba, back to the Great Southwest Building, after a temporary visit to our education department.

Jaba the Great Plains Toad

Be sure to come back and visit all of our new little animals!