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As you can see, the one on the right is very defensive!

As you can see, the one on the right is very defensive!

This little guy likes to check everything out
This little guy likes to check everything out.  Do you see the beads all over their skin?  The beads are called osteoderms and are bony studs that cover their bodies.

All photos by Brandon Moyer 


Prairie dog babies

Prairie dog baby

Spring has brought up our newest additions to the zoo—at least 15 new baby prairie dogs! They were being taken care of underground by Mom until they were about 40 days old and then they climb out of their holes to explore a new world.
Once you walk by the exhibit, it’s difficult to walk away! All the babies are playing and standing up just like the adults. They roll around with each other and let out squeaky barks to try to imitate their parents.

Prairie Dog Close Up
With at least 15 new babies and the 16-18 adults we already had, they are everywhere! Come check them out before they get too big!

Two young Mexican beaded lizards and two snowy owls have just arrived at our zoo within the last week!  The beaded lizards came from the San Antonio Zoo in Texas where they were born.  The snowy owls came all the way from the Netherlands!
All are in a quarantine area right now for testing to be sure they’re healthy. Check back soon for some pictures!

Right now, things are busy all over the zoo as we have jumped into the school group and HersheyPark season. Even with tours and extra people in the zoo, there’s still a lot going on behind the scenes. Two of our keepers, Tal and Tim, are about to make a trip to pick up 4 snowy owls to bring back to our zoo. They will not be on exhibit right away because they will first go into quarantine to be sure they are healthy.
We are also waiting for two species that will be brand new to the zoo. Mexican Beaded Lizards and Black-Footed Ferrets! Right now, there is an exhibit undergoing construction in the Great Southwest to prepare for the highly endangered ferrets. The beaded lizards will also be in the Great Southwest building.
There will be all kinds of excitement in the next 1-3 months with new animals. I’ll keep you posted on when everything is ready to come out to exhibit!